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The days of traditional cranes dominating the Bakersfield construction market are coming to a close. Helicopter lifts are being utilized more and more in California as operating costs come down while power and lift capacity continue to increase.

Ground-based cranes face some unfortunate challenges in California such as lacking enough boom to reach the top of a building, limitations on soft or swampy ground, difficulty with positioning in mountainous terrain, and restrictions on operating in environmentally protected areas. Helicopters are often the only alternative for the construction of communications towers, replacement of commercial HVAC units, placement of signage and more in the Bakersfield area.

Heavy lift helicopters also enable project managers to eliminate costly set up time that is required for traditional cranes and many jobs can be completed in a few hours instead of days or even weeks. Newer helicopters fitted with more powerful turbine engines are also surprisingly cost effective especially for jobs coming in under 6000 pounds.

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Heavy external sling-line lifts are our expertise. We quote and handle the logistics for helicopter lifts on all kinds of construction projects in California and beyond. We know that having the right helicopter and an experienced pilot is crucial to save time and to finish projects under budget. Here are some of the types of projects that we perform here in California.

Helicopter HVAC Lift in Bakersfield

Helicopter HVAC Lifts in Bakersfield

In urban areas, on top of tall buildings, and on buildings where traditional cranes lack the boom length to reach the proper roof top position, Bakersfield Helicopter Charters offers a quick, affordable solution for HVAC contractors in California. We handle more commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning lifts by helicopter than anyone else in the Bakersfield area.

Tower Construction by Helicopter in California

Tower Construction by Helicopter in California

Cost effective communication and transmission tower construction can be achieved by using aerial cranes to lift construction materials, from concrete and tower sections to equipment buildings, instead of having to install expensive roads in harder to access areas of California. With common load limits of 2000 to 6000 pounds, most tower projects can be assembled in a matter of hours. We also have heavy lift helicopter options for larger loads of up to 20,000 pounds.

Helicopter Sign Placement in Bakersfield
signage lifts

Placing heavy custom signage into position can be costly and difficult with traditional methods. Call and ask about how a helicopter can help make your job fast and easy.

Bakersfield Helicopter Cargo Transport
cargo Transport

Resupply of construction sites in remote areas can be accomplished quickly with the use of a heavy lift helicopter and a high-capacity cargo net.

Bakersfield Outsized Helicopter Lifts
outsized lifts

While costly & highly in demand, super-heavy helicopters like the Boeing CH-47 Chinook are available for projects that require lifts of as much as 20,000 pounds.

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Bakersfield Helicopter Charters has a team standing by to assist you with planning your heavy lift operation and can provide you with a quote the same day in most cases. Even if the aircraft that is needed for your project is not currently located in Bakersfield, we can schedule your project to coincide with a reposition in or through California. This is just one of the many reasons why so many project managers trust Bakersfield Helicopter Charters with their important construction projects.

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